Design + Technology

I design & build online systems.

Vision. Projects that matter.

My current focus in on education technology. I design and build online technologies that support teaching, learning, and efficient, cost-saving operations.

I'm the Director of Online Technology at Dominican University of California, and these days, I work a lot with Plone, Wordpress, Laravel, Moodle and Google Apps for Education.

Process. Strong Teams.

I enjoy being surrounded by smart, inspired people and integrating their insights into my process. On most projects, I’m working with a large group of stakeholders, and small groups of other designers and developers. Easy and honest communication leads to great results.

I prefer to use an agile development and project management process.

Results. Performance & Metrics.

I’m intrigued by measuring things, and being able to figure out whether the things I’m making are performing the way I want.

Tools I like for development include: Github and Cornerstone, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery and recently, Laravel. For analysis, I like Splunk, Saucelabs, SiteImprove, PageSpeed and Google Analytics.